Web Projects.

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Pretty Quick Tips by Carly Warren

Pretty Quick Tips

A project that I devised with for school. Pretty Quick Tips is beauty advice and fast. (Kind of a Pinterest ripoff.) I created the database of tips myself. Browse through them here.

Happy Robot Lab by Carly Warren

Custom Gutter and Exteriors Inc.

I designed the new website for Custom Gutter and Exteriors Inc. (working at Perception Multimedia Inc.). The new website features a redesigned logo (which I also created), mobile responsiveness, and a direct email form. Visit it now.

Pure Seal website by Carly Warren

Pure Seal Foam Insulation

While working at Perception Multimedia, I created a custom WordPress site for a local foam insulation company. I designed the theme and the icons myself. Take a look.

Happy Robot Lab by Carly Warren

Happy Robot Lab

The Happy Robot Lab is a project that I dreamed up for school. Intended for kids or really bored people online, you can create your own robot from the images that I illustrated myself. You can then send it to me and I will put it up on the website. Play with it yourself.

Simple Forecast by Carly Warren

Simple Forecast

I made Simple Forecast for one of my javascript projects. It takes your location and then grabs the forecast for you. Check the weather.

Master Cleaners by Carly Warren

Master Cleaners, Inc.

A simple and clean freelance project that I built for a local dry cleaners. I chose the color scheme, the imagery, and even vectorized their pre-existing logo. See the page here.

Build a Tank by Carly Warren

Build a Tank

My most painstakingly annoying piece of JavaScript work: the Build a Fish Tank for Petsmart. The site uses jQuery to help make the fish tank buying process smoother. It's also mobile friendly. Build one here.

Carly Warren by Carly Warren

Portfolio Site

My portfolio site that I created before graduation. I made it using BootStrap and incorporated some of my better web/interactive media projects. Check it out here.