3D and Motion Projects.

Some fun projects.

Noodles and the Mushroom

Not my first animation project, but certainly my best. After hours of frustration and recording some of my friends, I produced a cartoon short about an adorable little dragon named Noodles binging on Chinese food. Give me a thumbs up on YouTube.

Gutter Bots by Carly Warren

Gutter Bots

You should recognize this guy. I modeled the robots (called Gutter Bots), one in normal mode, the other in attack mode. The city setting which they are in is my own as well.

Cityscape by Carly Warren

City Scapes

This city scape I modelled in Cinema4D. The assignment said to create a city block. I decided to make a rusty/steampunk themed city. Most of my efforts were directed towards the factory in the corner.