More about me.

Well, my design, anyways.


  • June 2013: Graduated valedictorian from the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow
  • May 2015: Graduated summa cum laude from Cuyahoga Community College with an Associate's Degree in Applied Business for Visual Communication and Design: Web and Interactive Media


  • January 2014-May 2014: Intern at Cuyahoga Community College Media Arts department
  • March 2014-Present: Web Developer (formerly Social Media Manager) at Perception Multimedia Inc.


  • Doing as much organically as sensible. (Not so unreasonable that I won't use Bootstrap and WordPress.)
  • Coding and designing equally.
  • Bold, eye-catching color schemes.
  • Making projects look unconventional and fun.

Who is that little robot chillin' at the bottom of the page?

I call him Skree, the Gutter Bot. His design is based off of a 3D project that I did. While he is pink on this website, he can be any and every color. I got sort of attached to the little dude (which is what happens when you stay up late finishing your projects), so I made him my mascot.